Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my Davis/Saunders relatives far and wide! I wish you good luck and blessings in the New Year! From my home to yours a few pictures of our decorations this holiday season! I live in Greenville, North Carolina and my Saunders/Davis relatives are from the Montgomery County area, Ophir and Troy.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

William "Bill" Davis

Born in Ophir, Montgomery County, February 10, 1906, William Alford Davis was destined for a great future. He was raised by his parents, Nish and Sarah Davis, on the family farm, eventually courted and married Lessie Ola Lassiter, of Troy, NC. They lived in Burlington, NC for the duration of both their lives. He owned his own business as an insurance representative for a life insurance company - cannot remember which one! He and Lessie did not have any children. They lived in a beautiful home on Tarleton Avenue in Burlington - right around the corner from my parents, Jeanne and Bill Diffee. We ate dinner with them every Saturday night - steak as I was growing up. I remember Uncle Bill very fondly - he joked and teased me and was a lot of fun. It was very sad when he died young, IMO. Aunt Lessie lived to be in her late 80's in the same home. My Aunt Betty Boswell Haywood (Reece) now lives in that renovated home.

Friday, July 11, 2014

The House

This house photo was found in my father, deceased Bill Diffee's, scrapbook. He was a great keeper of scrapbooks. I think this is Pleasant's home place - at least that is what is labeling the photo. Personally, I have not been to this house and would like to have some clarification about it. Of course, I also want to go to it! After speaking on the phone last night with my 3rd cousin, Jay Davis, I think it might just be the house he knows about. If you would like to contact me with more info - who owns it now, etc. Please do!! Here it is:
So then there is this house: My family (without me obviously)went to a family reunion of some sort there. My Grandmother, daughter of Nish and Sarah Davis of Flint Rd. - Elgie - is in the pictures. I'm not sure who some of the others are. She was in her 80's when there. I'm so glad she was able to attend! If you can identify any of the people in the pictures please let me know!

Added photos to each section today!

I have added new pictures to every section of this blog - don't leave without visiting each page!

New photos for the Family Photo page today!

New pictures are being added to the gallery today. See the page Family Photos for the updates! send your own pictures through email, with a short description and I'll add them to the page. My email to send them to is: or
Here is a darling picture of Jimmy and Connie Davis' two children many years ago playing on the lawn of the someplace of Nish and Sarah Davis - Camilla and Jay Davis. They are now in their 30's with families of their own!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

New Page Added for pictures

Check out the new page I just added. It will be for pictures of photos of the Saunders and Davis's, Cranfords(Grandpa Nish's mother's name) and other related families. I'm starting off with some cemetery pics of gravestones and graveyards where our ancestors are buried. The comments may not be added for a few days but at least I am getting the pictures up! The cemeteries are Ophir UMC (most of the Saunders and Davis's are here), Zoar (a hard one to find on th backroads of Montgomery County, Hepzibah - I got this one off Please add any comments or information that you can to help me complete this blog! Just leave a comment or email me and I'll add it for you! Thanks to my cousin (2nd) Jay Davis for contacting me just recently after reading the blog. I appreciate your help and interest and hope to see you sometime soon! Denise